Yasmine Hammamet


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Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine is a gargantuan resort complex just outside Hammamet proper. As of today, Yasmine amounts to a miniature city with a Medina of its own and various facilities such as markets, hotels, entertainment centers, and a waterside promenade - all of it covering an area of nearly 300 hectares.

Do & See

While urban life might not exactly be Hammamet's main draw, its cream-colored Medina is an attractive oriental maze of windy alleys emblematic of the region, and a definitive must-visit for holidaymakers. Tourist infrastructure in Hammamet is ever-evolving, with vacationer's paradise of Yasmine occupying multiple acres of land south of town. Around Hammamet, multiple archaeological sites and coastal settlements serve as excellent field-trip destinations to those willing to venture elsewhere.